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VICTORIA,  Forest Therapy Walks and Presentation,          Nature As Healer

Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary, 1772 Millstream Rd, Victoria, BC

Surrounded by the sensual ambiance of the forest, I believe we create calmer, happier connections and solutions when we connect with ourselves through the energy of the forest. The results speak for themselves when you find yourself experiencing better relationships with yourself, others and nature.  I invite you to try this new and expanding way to enjoy the forest as a group.  It is slow…it is mindful…it is healing…and it can expand your heart, your creativity and your relationships.  The world will be a better place when everyone is connected to nature!

What to wear/bring:
appropriate shoes and clothing for the weather and a water bottle

Presentation: What is Forest Therapy? With Haida Bolton 
When:  Saturday, April 28, 10:30-11:30am 
Cost: $15  

Guided Forest Therapy Walk # 1: includes wild plant tea ceremony
When:  Sat. April 28, 1-4 pm
Cost:  $50 per adult (adults only)

Guided Forest Therapy Walk # 2: includes wild plant tea ceremony
When:  Sun. April 29, 1-4 pm
Cost:  $50 adults, $25 child

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the guided walks and presentation
{For Walks, Minimum 6 participants, up to  a maximum of 12}


Fabulous Four Package: Buy 4 sessions and receive a $60 Gift Certificate for free to give to a special person in your life or use for yourself.

Every nerve in your body is connected to a nerve ending in your foot.  Getting a foot massage (reflexology treatment) is like massaging every internal organ and body part.  It is the best massage I can give to someone.  Let me give you the healing touch of my hands on your feet in your home or in the nurturing ambiance of the forest by a creek.  Feel bedazzled!

Only 5 packages available so act quick!
Cost: $240  for 4 fabulous foot massages including a $60 gift certificate

CLICK HERE to order your package
{only 5 packages available}

 BOOK SIGNING: Aida’s Adventures In Africa

Author Presentation, Book Signing (Haida Bolton)

When TBA

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