Are you looking to experience more calm, connection and happiness for yourself?

I offer a variety of One-on-One services and packages to help you find the solutions that will best support your connection needs.  Please explore the different packages below or visit my Forest Therapy and Reflexology pages for more details and also check out my Retreats & Events to learn about upcoming public walks and events.


Forest Therapy Guided Walks

Forest Therapy Walks in all seasons

Packages for One-On-One Walks

If you would like a personalized experience with more room for flexibility and complete confidentiality, then this one-on-one walk is best suited for you.  Perhaps your health or life issues are very personal to you, or perhaps you are more comfortable among fewer people. Remember that the forest is the therapist, not the guide, but the guide will you give you the space you need to feel your emotion and listen to your experience of the forest in a calm, accepting, non-judgmental atmosphere.

  • The Eden Experience includes a 2-hour guided Forest Therapy experience, a snack and tea ceremony where we “taste” the forest.
  • The Emerald Experience includes 3 x 2-hour guided Forest Therapy experiences with snacks and tea ceremonies where we “taste” the forest.
  • The Amazon Experience includes 7 x 2-hour guided Forest Therapy experiences with snacks and tea ceremonies where we “taste” the forest.

/ Packages starting at $ 50 per personBOOK A WALK


“I would highly recommend this for seniors.  People (like me) with anxieties could benefit and learn how to deal with them naturally.  I will never rush through a forest again.  I will see, feel, smell it.”
~ V.K. (Elderly Woman)


Nature with Haida, Forest Therapy Groups for Schools & Workplaces

 Forest Therapy Group Walks

  • I offer Forest Therapy Walk group experiences for small (2–4), medium (5–8) and large (9–12) groups.
  • Classroom experiences for elementary and high school students with up to 4 staff in attendance.
  • Employers can support their staff, through a Forest Walk group experience, with my Destress Your Staff package. Groups of 2–12. If you have a larger group please get in touch to discuss more details.

Forest Therapy Walks for Teachers’ Professional Development Day

Destress Your Staff while demonstrating some calming and inspiring invitations to share with students to increase their confidence, cooperation, creativity and curiosity. Helps with self-directed learning and creative problem solving skills.

/ Group Rates starting at $ 20 per personPLAN A GROUP WALK 


“Sometimes all we need is to slow down and have a teacher guide us through what we’ve been missing or forgotten.  We belong in nature.  We are one. A highlight for me was Haida and her facilitation.” ~ T.R. (Midlife Woman)


Forest Therapy with Reflexology is Ultimate Bliss Package

The Ultimate Bliss Package

Combine 2 hours of Guided Forest Therapy with 1 hour of Outdoor Reflexology for the ultimate blissful experience.

/ Packages starting at $ 95 per personBUY A PACKAGE
/ Save $15 when you book this package with a friend or partner


“This dual experience is amazing. Two hours of forest therapy made me slow down and appreciate all of my senses. With Haida as a guide, I felt safe and supported to let my feelings flow and really connect with myself through several invitations with nature. To follow this up with one hour of reflexology was the perfect finish to a self-nourishing day. I felt very relaxed and cared for during a foot massage with Haida. She let me talk or be quiet, depending on what I needed in the moment. She is incredibly thorough – a full half-hour per foot.  Both experiences exceeded my expectations. Put them together and… WOW!”  ~ SC



  • Reflexology Intro Session – get a taste of Reflexology and I’ll answer any questions you have during the experience.
  • The Fabulous 4 Package – Buy 3 Reflexology Sessions for yourself (or as a gift) and I will gift you a bonus session to use for yourself or give to your friend!
  • The Lucky 7 Package – Buy 7 Reflexology Sessions and receive a gifted bonus session and Intro Session certificate to gift to a friend.

/ Packages starting at $ 50 per personBUY A PACKAGE


Not sure which is the best fit for you?

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about how Forest Therapy or Reflexology can support you in having more calm, connection and happiness in your day.