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Every nerve in your body is connected to a nerve ending in your foot.  Getting a foot massage (reflexology treatment) is like massaging every internal organ and body part.  It is the best massage I can give to someone.

Some of the benefits of reflexology include its ability to stimulate nerve function, boost circulation, induce relaxation, eliminate toxins, prevent migraines, clean up urinary tract conditions, relieve sleep disorders, reduce depression and relieve pain such as in the neck and back.  If you find yourself on your feet all day on a regular basis, there is a good chance that your feet are stressed.  The thing is, stress can also manifest itself in other parts of our body.  Let me bring greater relaxation and health into both your feet and into your entire body, from the inside out.


“Haida is a beaming, calming presence from the minute you meet her. I booked a one-hour session and it was bliss — I felt so relaxed and nurtured for the rest of the day. It’s so convenient that she makes house calls! Since that first session I have booked 5 more! Nothing could be easier — she comes to my home, I have zen music playing, I arrange the pillows on the couch to get comfortable, and then it’s one hour of relaxing therapy for my feet (and my whole self, really). I actually find myself craving Haida’s reflexology, and if I could I would have it at least three times a week! It’s so important to have this kind of work done, to keep your system moving, and to address any areas that are giving you trouble. After Haida’s session I definitely feel like I have had full-body therapy, as well as deep relaxation, which is also very healthy.” — K.T.

Reflexology Outdoors combines the calming atmosphere of nature with the healing touches of a foot massage.

Forest Therapy with Reflexology

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