Creating a Calmer, Healthier, More Connected You

Do you ever feel stuck, confused, depressed,  overwhelmed, unloved, frustrated, sad?

I have. Less now than in the past, but these emotions are still a part of life.
Six years ago my husband and I separated. Within a year, I lost my marriage, my home, my community and my father. Overwhelmed with grief, I fulfilled a lifelong desire to live in the forest where I could heal my heart, soul and spirit among the nurturing ambience of trees and the entire forest community. This is when I discovered a new emerging practice called Forest Therapy. The name was new. The idea goes back to the beginning of time.

We have forgotten who we are. We are nature.
When I connect to the forest with all of my senses – smell, sound, sight, touch, intuition, emotion, curiosity, wonder, and so much more – I feel every cell in my body wake up! It’s as if my cells remember who they are and pass on this information to my conscious mind. I sense the transformation of my subconscious to my conscious. I wake up! And you can too.

After three years of regular forest therapy, I could feel my deepest, most authentic self emerge. Some call this the “Higher Self.”

Soon after, I uncovered my deepest wound which I had been unconscious of all of my 52 years of life. Once I was conscious of it, I was empowered to heal it. I was able to embrace the power of my heart and the power of my voice.


Forest Therapy has Empowered Me!

And continues to do so every day.

Healing the emotional heart and intuitive body happens in layers over lots of time. I have witnessed this in my own healing journey. To see myself grow and blossom and transform into the most beautiful version of myself…who I was meant to be all along… is so worth the time I spent meandering the forests alone and journaling.

When I heal myself, I feel I heal my ancestors and the world that comes after me. What better legacy to leave behind!! What better gift can there be than a more peaceful you and me? A more peaceful world…
A happier and healthier world is all I truly desire.

Will you join me in creating this legacy today?

Let’s create more calm, happiness and connection in your daily life.

Guided Forest Therapy Experiences

For Individuals, Couples, Small Groups & Corporations

I am sitting in the forest on this cloudy, warm, early summer’s day, connecting with myself through the forest.

I am reminded that we need the healing abilities of the forest today more than ever. The forest teaches us how to slow down to a healthier pace and be more of our most authentic selves.

As raindrops now begin to fall periodically on my journal, and mosquitoes begin to buzz in my ears and fly around my face, I ask myself, “What has my personal forest therapy journey done for me over the past five years?

Suddenly I am still…
My heart swells with
Every emotion there is…

In a positive direction…
Rooted like a tree…

Gratitude is felt
Deep within me
For my forest therapy

Before forest therapy
I yelled at my child
Once a week
For seven years…
After a year of regular forest therapy
I yelled at her
Only once or twice a year.
Forest therapy created calmness
A more accepting heart
A heart that listens from its depths
Improving not just my relationship with my child
But also with my mom
And with me…

Before forest therapy
I was sick four times a year
For three weeks each time…
After a year of regular forest therapy,
I was only sick maybe
Four days a year.
Forest therapy boosted
My immune system so much,
Destressed my body,
Elevated the joy in my
Soul and Spirit…

Before forest therapy,
I needed other people
To fill my love bucket…
Now the forest does this
With every journey,
Meandering and sitting
In the woods
During all seasons
Of the year
No more winter blues
In me


Business Groups

Give Your Team a Boost


Outdoors or In Your Home